The name profid stems from the words Procuro and Fidelis. “Procuro” meaning ‘to take care of, administer, manage’ and “Fidelis” meaning ‘trustworthy, faithful, loyal.’

At profid, we believe that accounting follows communication and that numbers serve people. Effective and efficient financial management is rooted in communication between people and is reflected in behaviour, appearance, and reliability.

We believe that the need for financial services is different for every organisation and changes over time. We believe that the way a person works and provides financial services should be tailored to individual needs.

We love to find and mentor talented people with a crossover into other industries and specialisms. This gives us the opportunity to build a tailored team for our clients each time and adapt to their needs to ensure effective, consistent, continuous, and efficient financial services and management.

profid provides financial management services, such as accounting, payroll, administration, personnel issues related to financial management and taxes. With a core team of 30 finance & administration professionals we have been serving more than 100 customers of different sizes since 2012.

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