hub by profid is a connected network of independent finance professionals that is facilitated and supported by profid.

We believe that accounting follows communication and numbers serve people. Effective and efficient financial management is rooted in communication between people and is reflected in demeanour, behaviour, and reliability.

hub by profid offers to clients a cost-effective accounting solution with a unique combination of reliability and security.

To hub by profid members it offers freedom & independence, and security and continuity for themselves and to their clients.

The name profid stems from the Latin words Procuro and Fidelis. “Procuro” meaning ‘to care’ and “Fidelis” meaning ‘trustworthy’.

With 30 finance & administration professionals, profid have been serving more than 100 customers of different sizes since 2012.


for clients

  • hub by profid is a cost-effective and continuous solution for running an efficient and reliable accounting function
  • with hub by profid, you have organised tax compliance, supported by our systems
  • working with hub by profid, you have specialists at arm’s length and within easy reach for solving more complex issues on the fly

for hub by profid members

To a finance or admin professional who would become a hub by profid member, the main benefit is that (s)he can combine freedom with security:


  • you have freedom in when, where and how you work on which clients and which tasks
  • you are free from sales & marketing efforts and from client acquisition
  • you are free from setting up systems and running/managing a business


  • you have security in always having enough clients, work and therefore, income
  • you have security in always having back-up and provide your clients with continuity and reliability
  • you have security in having people to turn to for help, advice, support, and learning

How it works

profid facilitates and supports the services provided to the client by the hub by profid member

profid techbox

  • accounting software ESO9
  • payrolling software module
  • INSIO customer portal (checklist, timesheet)
  • customer platform and helpdesk
  • virtual server with VPN access
  • check out the additional benefits of a hub membership

hub member

  • includes the hub techbox
  • access to clients
  • back up in case of illness or holiday
  • MS365 license and Office suite
  • administrative and IT support
  • 2 hours / month free consultancy with a profid senior consultant or manager
  • ...and you will get a T-shirt!


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