To a finance or admin professional who would become a hub by profid member, the main benefit is that (s)he can combine freedom with security:


  • you have freedom in when, where and how you work on which clients and which tasks
  • you are free from sales & marketing efforts and from client acquisition
  • you are free from setting up systems and running/managing a business


  • you have security in always having enough clients, work and therefore, income
  • you have security in always having back-up and provide their clients with continuity and reliability
  • you have security in having people to turn to for help, advice, support, and learning


Interested? We are, so let’s have a talk.

If you are interested in a hub by profid membership, please fill out this form. We will first have a chat to get to know each other. As the next step we will ask you to fill out some questionnaires aimed at your work profile, your communication style, and numerical skills.

The outcomes will help us in setting you up at the right level of seniority and assigning you suitable clients at the adequate fee level. It will also help you in the execution of your work and feeling good about yourself and your development.


    Immediately after you have decided to join hub by profid, your onboarding process will start.

    We will set you up with all the software tools that come with your hub by profid membership.

    In your induction training we will tell you about our company, and you can meet its management and key colleagues. We will train you on how to use the software tools, such as the ESO9 accounting system and the INSIO customer portal.

    You can also join our regular trainings on key accounting topics and occasional financial regulatory changes.

    All of this can be done in person, or online, whichever you prefer.

    During us working together, it is up to you how you would like to be supported and mentored. We can work with KPIs, quarterly feedback loops and client satisfaction surveys, for example. You are always welcome to come to the office and speak with your colleagues.

    On the other hand, we also understand it when you are a seasoned professional that is entirely self-organised.

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