• you have a cost-effective and continuous solution for running an efficient and reliable accounting function
  • your tax compliance will be organised, supported by profid systems and technology
  • you have specialists at arm’s length and within easy reach for solving more complex issues on the fly
  • as hub by profid is powered by profid, quick-response adaptability and scalability of the finance function is an integrated benefit
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  • basic accounting function, includes tasks such as invoices booking, bank statements and reconciliation, payrolling, internal documents/evidence (stock, timesheets, depreciation), primarily aimed at personal income tax, corporate income tax and/or VAT
  • supported by the profid toolbox – accounting system ESO9 and INSIO customer portal, including helpdesk
  • with additional services or advice available from profid upon request (via your hub by profid member) against an hourly fee

I like to do my own accounting

If you prefer to do your own accounting, it is also possible to make use of the profid techbox. You will have your accounting in your own hands using always up to date accounting systems.

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